Dating Tips

How to win over Girl on the first date?

First impression is very important especially when it comes to dating or when it comes to spending time with someone that you could potentially be in relationship with.

You gonna have to make some efforts win her over on a first date. If you follow these five steps I can almost guarantee that you gonna win her over on first date.

  1. Be there on time: be like five minutes early, so when she arrives on time you are already there, so she doesn’t have to wait. And she’s gonna be like ‘Oh well he is already here’. She is actually looking forward to spending time with me. Oh my God! Being late and general is not a good look. It’s not gonna impress her.

When you are talking with her be like a gentleman. Like hold a door for her. be nice and polite. Don’t be rude don’t make any like weird comment.

  1. Insist on paying on a date: and insist confidently. Don’t look at her like have a second and then don’t doubt or don’t thing about it. No, The trick here is don’t even let her time to take about money or think about paying. When you see the waiter and when it comes to bill, just take out your wallet take out your money and hand over to him. Put your wallet back and like its nothing happen. Otherwise make it so awkward, just start feeling bad, start saying like no one like to pay for me. She can be strong and independent and pay for you. but when a guy pays confidently on a first date that HOT. It’s not only hot, she’s gonna feel like he is spending money on me and this gonna make you look mature. Don’t have to do on every date. but on first date its important. Don’t go somewhere expensive so it’s hard for you to pay and also don’t go at cheap place too, that’s gonna make you look cheap. Don’t make it too expensive so you don’t end up being broke after just one date.
  2. Try to balance out the conversation between two of you. Its first date for both of you, both of you may be nervous, if you are not then its better. There are two types of nervous people. One is like yapping about the things which are not interested. And there are types who just don’t say anything. Try to take control over it. When you know that she is not saying much. Ask her questions to get her going. If she is yapping about something definitely don’t make her feel like she is talking too much. Because in 99% case she will be nervous.
  3. This one goes out to both guys and girls. Don’t talk about your excess. Do not mention your excess. Avoid this subject. Because every human being does not like feeling like they are in competition. Your date gonna feel like he or she is in a competition.
  4. Fifth and last step is very simple. Get to know each other. Relax be yourself and enjoy the date. Most importantly have fun.

If you follow these five steps then you can almost be sure that you won over her entirely


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